Lenovo Watch X Plus vs amazfit bip compared

Lenovo Watch X Plus Full Specifications

Lenovo Watch X Plus is the successor to Watch X which was debuted to have sold out within 15 seconds of release. The Watch X Plus is a hybrid smartwatch featuring real mechanical hands made by Swiss watch experts. It is rated 8ATM and comes with heart rate sensor, a pedometer and gyroscope making it a great choice for fitness tracking and as well a suitable wear to any event.

Lenovo Watch 9 vs lenovo watch X Plus compared

Lenovo Watch 9 Full Specifications

Lenovo is deepening their trade in the smartwatch industry and the Lenovo Watch 9 is a testament to that claim. A low price hybrid smartwatch built with top grade durable materials plus has all the standard fitness tracking features built-in making it a great choice for the Swiss purists.

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