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michael kors new Sofie 2.0

Michael Kors Annouces New Sofie 2.0 at CES 2019

It is almost two years since Michael Kors access sofie was released and in this time it has become the best selling Michael Kors smartwatch. However, Michael Kors at the CES 2019 announced a revamp for the Sofie with the name Michael Kors access sofie 2.0

zeblaze thor pro vs thor 4 vs thor 4 pro compared

Compare Zeblaze Thor 4 vs Thor 4 Pro vs Thor 4 Plus

Zeblaze produce some of the best standalone smartwatch, they have quite a handful varieties of smartwatches and choosing just the perfect one can be quiet confusing which is why in this post we are comparing three of the most outstanding standalone smartwatches; Zeblaze Thor Pro vs Thor 4 vs Thor 4 pro, all great choices with interesting features.

honor band 4 vs honor band 3 compared

Honor Band 4 vs Band 3 – What’s the Difference?

Honor Band 4 is a complete high-end fitness smart band, it is the latest addition to the Honor band series and an upgrade from Honor band 3. In this post we compare Honor Band 4 vs Band 3 specs and features head-to-head to find out what the differences are that sets these two apart.

kingwear kw88 pro - best smartwatch with camera

Kingwear KW88 PRO vs KW88 vs KW99 – What’s Different?

Kingwear is known for their outstanding innovations which they have successfully inculcated into their a-list of smartwatches. We are comparing three mainstream standalone smartwatches from Kingwear, the new Kingwear KW88 PRO vs KW88 vs KW99.

zeblaze crystal 2 vs amazfit bip vs mi band 3

Compare Zeblaze Crystal 2 vs Amazfit Bip vs MI Band 3

It’s over a year since Amazfit Bip was released and it’s worthy to note that over this period there have been lots of positive reviews on the Amazfit Bip. This year we have seen MI band 3 and most recently Zeblaze crystal 2 which has almost similar appearance with the Bip