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How to Setup Samsung Galaxy Watch To Work With Your Phone

How to Setup Samsung Galaxy Watch
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Samsung Galaxy Watch is an outstanding smartwatch and I really love it for many reasons. I use it to track my activities and as well manage notifications on my phone. In fact, it’s a perfect companion for my A30s. When you receive a new Galaxy Watch, the first thing you need to do is pair it up to work with your compatible phone. I’ll show you how to setup Galaxy Watch in simple steps.

How to Setup Samsung Galaxy Watch

  1. Step 1.
  2. The first thing you need to do is to download the Galaxy Wearable app from Playstore, Galaxy Store, or iOS store if you use an iPhone.

  3. Step 2.

  4. Press and hold down the lower button on the Galaxy Watch for about 2 seconds to switch it on.

  5. Step 3.
  6. Tap the code on Galaxy Watch to start the pairing process. The app will download the Galaxy Watch plugin on your phone.

  7. Step 3.

  8. Next, the app will send a Bluetooth pairing request to your watch, tap ok on both sides to continue the pairing process.

  9. Step 4.

  10. Now, click on agree which takes you to the next page and the app will alert you to connect the Galaxy Watch plugin to your phone. Then select all and tap next to finish the setup process.

    Congrats! You’ve successfully setup the Galaxy Watch to work with your phone. You can follow the prompts on the watch which will work you through on some of the basics.

    Watch the video on how to setup Galaxy Watch