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withings steel hr vs steel hr sport compared

Withings Steel HR vs Steel HR Sport – What’s the Difference?

After the buyback from Nokia, Withings released Withings Steel HR Sport which looked almost similar to the Steel HR. If you are a first timer to Withings smartwatches you probably won’t be able to differentiate between these two.

So in this post we compare Withings Steel HR vs Withings Steel HR Sport, two fantastic hybrid smartwatches already loved by whole lot of people and the reviews and ratings on these two is something to cheer about. We compare the specs and features of these two head-to-head to help you make just the right choice.

withings pulse hr vs fitbit charge 3

Withings Pulse HR vs Fitbit Charge 3 – Which is Better?

Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the selling Fitness smartband in the US last year, but now there seems to be a challenger from Withings. It’s the Pulse HR which has some glaring similarities with the Charge 3. The big question is, can the new Pulse HR unseat Charge 3 as a popular on demand fitness smartband.

In this article, its Withings Pulse HR vs Fitbit Charge 3, two fantastic choices for a comprehensive activity tracking. This quick comparison in their specs and features will help us unravel which of these two is a better choice.

ticwatch s vs s2 compared

Ticwatch S vs S2 – What’s New?

Mobvoi Announced a new Ticwatch S2 at CES 2019 which is now available, the new watch is the successor to Ticwatch S that was released over a year ago and in this time has turned out to be one of the most popular and loved smartwatch. With the new Ticwatch S2 it gets better as it now more durable, a better activity tracker and has a longer battery life. Its Ticwatch S vs S2 specs and features compared head-to-head.

ticwatch e vs e2 compared

Ticwatch E vs E2 – What’s New?

Ticwatch E now has a newer version with the name Ticwatch E2. The new E2 was announced by Mobvoi at CES 2019 and was released also in January. Perhaps you are wondering what the difference is and why should you buy the Ticwatch E2. Well there are new additions that make the E2 a worthwhile watch to purchase. It looks more decent, it’s smarter and activity tracking is more accurate.

ticwatch express 2 vs sport 2 compared

Ticwatch E2 vs S2 – What’s the Difference?

Ticwatch E2 and S2 are the two latest additions to the Mobvoi smartwatch series. It was announced by mobvoi at the CES 2019 and was released in January. These two watches have quite a lot in common, they look almost similar, have almost similar features, but there are minute differences that separates these two. In this comparison between Ticwatch E2 vs S2 we compare their specs and features head-to-head to find out what the differences are and which one is a better choice.

withings move vs move ecg

Withings Move vs Move ECG – What’s the Difference?

Withings at the CES 2019 announced two new models of smartwatch, Withings Move and the Move ECG. Two fantastic hybrid smartwatches with fascinating designs and lots of interesting features ready to grace your wrist and track your active life. The major difference between these two is the ECG sensor in the later and in this comparison, we compare Withings Move vs Move ECG specs and features to help you make a better decision on which of these two you should buy.

zeblaze thor pro vs thor 4 vs thor 4 pro compared

Compare Zeblaze Thor 4 vs Thor 4 Pro vs Thor 4 Plus

Zeblaze produce some of the best standalone smartwatch, they have quite a handful varieties of smartwatches and choosing just the perfect one can be quiet confusing which is why in this post we are comparing three of the most outstanding standalone smartwatches; Zeblaze Thor Pro vs Thor 4 vs Thor 4 pro, all great choices with interesting features.

honor band 4 vs honor band 3 compared

Honor Band 4 vs Band 3 – What’s the Difference?

Honor Band 4 is a complete high-end fitness smart band, it is the latest addition to the Honor band series and an upgrade from Honor band 3. In this post we compare Honor Band 4 vs Band 3 specs and features head-to-head to find out what the differences are that sets these two apart.