casio wsd-f20i hr vs fossil gen 5 vs samsung galaxy watch active 2

Casio Casio WSD-F21 HR vs Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Compared

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Featured in this comparison; are the WSD-F20i – the latest addition to the Casio Protrek series which has introduced heart rate tracking, followed by the Gen 5 – Fossil’s new generation smartwatch powered by the Snapdragon 3100 chip and comes with quite a lot of improvements, also joined by the Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Samsung ‘s latest beast that succeeds the Active.

We compare the Casio WSD-F21 HR vs Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 specs and features so you know the differences.

Casio WSD-F21 HR vs Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 Specs Compared

 Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21 HRFossil Gen 5 CarlyleSamsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44mm)
casio pro trek WSD-F21 HR specsfossil gen 5 calyle specssamsung galaxy watch active 2


4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)
Fitness tracking:
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)
3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
Fitness tracking:
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
3.3 out of 5 stars (3.3 / 5)
4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)
Fitness tracking:
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


_<strong>Check at Amazon</strong> Check at Amazon<strong>Check at Amazon</strong> Check at Amazon


Device nameCasio Pro Trek WSD-F21 HRFossil Gen 5 CarlyleSamsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44mm)
Device typeFitness/GPS smartwatchClassic/Fitness smartwatchClassic/Fitness smartwatch
PredessesorCasio Pro Trek WSD-F20Fossil Gen 4 Q ExploristSamsung Galaxy Watch Active
Released dateAugust, 2019August, 2019September, 2019
Ideal forMenMenUnisex


Display typeDual display;
Monochrome LCD
Colored TFT LCD
AMOLED (Always-on)Super AMOLED
Full color
Display size1.32 inches1.28 inch1.4 inches (44mm)
Display resolution300 x 320 pixel416 x 416 pixels360 x 360 pixels
Pixel density__----
Input typeTouchscreen
3 Physical buttons
Touchscreen plus 3 physical buttonsTouchscreen,
2 physical buttons
Digital rotating bezel


Dimension61.7 × 57.7 × 16.8 mm44 x 44 x 12 mm44 x 44 x 10.9mm (44mm)
Weight81 (Including straps)--30 grams
(aluminum, without straps)
Casing materialResinStainless steelAluminum
Strap/band materialUrethaneStainless steelFluoroelastomer
Bezel MaterialResinStainless steelGlass
Strap size26mm22mm20mm
Screen protectionAnti-fouling coating glassCorning Gorilla glassCorning Gorilla glass DX+
Water resistant/ProtectionYes, 5ATM (MIL-STD-810G)Yes, 3ATMYes, IP68, 5ATM
Swim-proofYes, recommendedYesYes, recommended
Black silicone/steel
Dark Brown/black steel
Smoke stainless steel


RAM0.5GB1GB0.75GB non-LTE
Internal storage4GB8GB4GB
Memory card slotNoNoNo


BluetoothBluetooth v4.1 LEBluetooth smart v4.2 LEBluetooth smart v5.0 LE
Bluetooth callingNoYesYes




Email alertYesYesYes
SMS alertYesYesYes
Calls alertYesYesYes
Event reminderYesYesYes
Third-party appsYesYesYes


Sleep apneaNoNoNo
Sleep trackingYesYesYes
Floors climbedYesYesYes
Heart rate monitoringYesYesYes
VO2 Max.YesYesYes
Blood oxygenNoNoNo
Blood pressureNoNoYes
Menstrual cycle trackingNoNoNo
Swim trackingYesYesYes
Under-water heart rate trackingNoNoNo
Preloaded mapsYesNoYes
On-screen workout modesNoNoNo
Triathlon mode___Yes
ECG TrackingNoNoYes, (not Approved)
Preloaded sport modesYesYesYes
Safety trackingNoNoNo


Music streamingYesYesYes
Bluetooth musicYesYesYes


Heart rate monitor (HRM)YesYesYes
Gyroscope YesYesYes
Ambient lightYesYesYes
Pulse Ox.NoNoNo
Other sensors--__--


Operating system (OS)Wear OSWear OSTizen OS 4.0
ChipsetSnapdragon 2100Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100Exynos 9110
CPU__--Dual core 1.15GHz


Type of batteryNon-removable Li-ion batteryNon-removable Li-ion batteryNon-removable Li-ion battery
Battery capacity __310mAh340mAh
Battery lifeMixed usage: 1 day+ (TFT LCD)
1 month+ (Monochrome LCD)
GPS tracking: Up to 25 hrs
Standby: 3 days+
Mixed usage: 1 day+
Standby :5 days+,
Mixed usage: 2 days+
Charging typeCharging cableInductive charging magnetWPC based wireless charging
Charging timeAbout 1-2 hoursAbout 1-2 hoursAbout 1-2 hours
Battery saver modeYesYesYes
Solar powerNoNoNo
Rapid chargingNoYes_




Control camera_YesYes
Music controlYesYesYes
Find phoneYesYesYes
Text response_YesYes


Payment systemNoGoogle paySamsung pay
Compatibility Android 4.4+ (excluding Go edition)
iOS 9.3+ Check if your device is compatible
Check if your device is compatible
Android 6.0 (excluding Go edition)+
iOS 10.0+
Android 5.0+ & RAM 1.5GB+
iPhone 5+ and iOS 9.0+
Companion app_Fossil Q appSamsung Gear app
Customizable watch faceYesYesYes
Interchangeable band Yes, 26mmYes, 22mmYes, 20mm
Voice commandYes, Google AssistantYesYes


Casio Pro Trek WSD-F21 HRFossil Gen 5 CarlyleSamsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
StrapsStrapsSmall and large straps
Charging cableInductive charging magnetWireless charger
Quick start guideQuick start guideQuick start guide
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Casio WSD-F21 vs Fossil Gen 5 vs Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 Features Compared

  1. Design

  2. Each of these three has got an outstanding design that’s stylish and elegant. The Gen 5 spots a bold and charming appearance, so also is the Active 2 which is also very attractive, and the F21 with a rugged appearance. However, the Active 2 has the most compact design and is also the slimmest which no doubt makes it the sleekest and certainly a better fit for slimmer wrists.

    The WSD-F21, on the other hand, is quite bulky and heavy too which makes it a more suitable wear for men.

    On the display, while AMOLED powers the display of the Gen 5 and Active, Its TFT LCD for the F21 accompanied by a monochrome LCD display. The TFT LCD is quite easier to read outdoors compared to AMOLED. Although the AMOLED display offers a more interactive and lively display.

    Navigating each of these three is easy, although Active 2 is quite easier to navigate considering the digital rotating bezel that has was lacking in its predecessor but has now been reintroduced.

  3. Storage/Media

  4. The Gen 5 has the highest storage capacity which allows you to take more of your favorite files with you compared to the Active 2 and F21 with 4GB storage capacity.

    Moreover, Gen 5 also has a higher RAM size which is quite beneficial for a Wear OS smartwatch compared to the F21 (also a Wear OS smartwatch) with 0.5GB RAM.

    There’s a loudspeaker on the Gen 5 and Active 2 which the F21 lacks.

  5. Fitness Tracking

  6. Each of these three is well equipped to track your active life. However, the Galaxy watch active 2 is a more comprehensive fitness tracker. It has more fitness features including the introduction of ECG tracking which can help you detect irregular heart rhythm.

    The Active 2 offers 39 sport modes which more than what you get from either the Gen 5 or F21, it’s able to auto-track 7 of these 39.

    The F21 being a GPS smartwatch just like other smartwatches in the Protrek series is a better choice for tracking outdoor activities. Off course the Active 2 and Gen 5 have inbuilt multi-satellite GPS, but the F21 is a more equipped GPS smartwatch with the presence of color map and other map applications that makes it a better device for navigating even the toughest terrains.

    The F21 is also equipped with a barometric altimeter sensor which comes handy for climbers.

  7. Water Resistance Rating

  8. The Active 2 and F21 are both rated 5ATM compared to the Gen 5 3ATM water resistance rating. That means 50 meters and 30 meters water resistance respectively. This makes the Active 2 and F21 better choices for deep water activity.

    Moreover, the Active 2 and F21 are both certified MLT-STD-810G – a US military grade rating that means these two can withstand shocks and adverse weather conditions. This, of course, makes the Active 2 and F21 more rugged smartwatches that are best for adventures.

  9. Cellular Connectivity

  10. The stainless steel version of the Galaxy watch active 2 has LTE supported which makes it a standalone smartwatch that allow you make and receive calls directly from this watch. Plus access to the internet anywhere there’s network coverage.

    Although, Gen 5 with loudspeaker also allows you to take calls on the device and as well can initiate one (supported on Android and iOS devices).

  11. Battery Life

Each of these three has got a quite impressive battery life that’ll see you through the day on regular usage. Although, the F21 following in the footstep of the Ticwatch Pro features a dual monochromic and TFT LCD display. With the monochrome LCD display activated, all Wear OS features are deactivated which will see the F21 last just about a month.

The Gen 5 powered by the more advanced Snapdragon 3100 chip also features 4 battery safer modes that can elongate the battery life significantly. The time-only battery safe mode will see Wear OS features deactivated, but will see the Gen 5 last about a week or more.

The Active 2 is expected to have same battery life as its predecessor which last about 2-4 days on regular usage. This is quite longer than what you would get from the Gen 5 or the F21 on average.

Which is the Best?

All three smartwatches are outstanding in their respective ways, has got an outstanding design and features that make a comprehensive smartwatch.

However, the Galaxy watch active 2 is the best choice. It’s a very attractive smartwatch with more features. It’s the sleekest too with a very compact design and has a fairly longer battery life, while not forgetting it has an NFC chip that powers Samsung pay and is a more comprehensive fitness tracker with a smarter 8 photodiodes heart rate sensor and ECG tracking.

The Fossil Gen 5 is another charming timepiece with a sophisticated design and is powered by 3100 chip that brings better performance and battery management features that see this device go days on a single charge.

If you’re looking for a rugged smartwatch for the great outdoors, then the WSD-F21 is the ideal choice. It’s a fantastic GPS smartwatch that’s well equipped to help you navigate those difficult terrains, and with its innovative dual display, you can go days on a single charge.

Here’s how they stack up;

SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE 2 A premium smartwatch with more features and a comprehensive fitness tracker with a quite longer battery life.
FOSSIL GEN 5 Calyle A classic and attractive timepiece powered by the 3100 chip and loaded with lots of features that makes it a outstanding device.
CASIO PROTREK WSD-F21 An outstanding GPS smartwatch with a dual display that sees this device last just about a month.

Our Pick

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an attractive and charming timepiece with a sophisticated design, and well equipped to track your active life with a quite impressive battery life. It’s our preferred choice.

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